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Mountain Warrior

The OG Warrior of the Deep Tee

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The ocean is calm. A dense mist settles over the entire ship. The air is tense and electric. The hair on the back your neck stands up. You know you are not alone. Out of the blue, a giant pillar of a tentacle rips through the quiet slamming onto the deck. This is followed by another and another. Looming through the mist, the face of the monster presents itself. The mythical OG Warrior of the Deep, “The Kracken”,  begins to shred the ship apart and within minutes there is nothing left afloat except for a few barrels of rum. As the night settles in, one by one the Warrior of the Deep chokeholds his prey. He claims his prize and slides them into the depths with nothing more to say then “Go Night-Night”... 

Don’t find yourself in this situation. Be your own “Warrior Of the Deep” always ready for the stealth attack.