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Mountain Warrior

Mountain Warrior Primal Pucks

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Primal Pucks are an amazing asset for fire building and even more so when conditions are at their worst. Each puck will burn for Apx 10 min rain, snow or shine. Use a full puck in bad weather or if you are new to fire building. For good conditions or those more experienced, you can use a very small amount.

We created Primal pucks after using most of the fire tinders you see on the market and knowing we had a recipe that could perform better when you need it most. It’s been in the testing phase for over 3 years to ensure we got it just right.

We have put this gear through the grinder during heavy rains, swam through alpine lakes and tested it during heavy snow storms.

Primal Pucks are hands down our favorite fire tinder and something we will always have within arms reach. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

Made in American, veteran owned and operated.